Young Professionals

The Young Professionals, or YPs,  is a dynamic networking program for Members of the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce who are over 21 years of age.

YP Mission: To foster both new and long-term relationships through an entertaining family oriented group while creating next generation leadership in the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.
In other words, the YPs are the younger (or at least young at heart) Chamber members who take advantage of all the Chamber has to offer and then some.

YP events are created as networking opportunities, but their unique locations, intresting activties or informative seminars are an added bonus. Some of the events have included (but this not nearly all of them):

  • Golf Lessons at Bay Oaks Country Club
  • A  NASA Tour
  • “No Experience Necessary” Bowling Tournament
  • Professionalism Seminar (“Professionalism and it’s Impact on YOUR Career”)
  • Wellness Seminar at Neogenesis Wellness Center & Medical Spa
  • Martini Madness at The Davenport Lounge
  • YP meetings
  • YP “Night Out” events

The YPs belong to a Chamber member company/business/organization and are regular Chamber members, they just participate in the YP program to enhance their membership benefits and have fun while doing so.

For more information, find the YPs on Facebook   or e-mail Febe Prado, the CLACC Director of Communications at or call the CLACC office at 281-488-7676 and get in on the fun!


2 Responses to Young Professionals

  1. Mechele Williams says:


    I love the clean, crisp layout of this blog. It is informative and easy to navigate. The archives, subscription, search box and calendar made great additions, and I like the Twitter/Facebook connections.

    The pictures posted for each entry were also excellent. Great job.

  2. Hannah Pietsch says:

    I really like the design and purpose of this blog. While I enjoyed the 4th of July pictures and information, I think having the blog posting at the very top would be better. I realize this may be out of your control, but when I first came to the site, I was wondering where the post was. But I really liked the information about YP – sounds really interesting!

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