Bring the Shuttle Home (Part 2)

The movement is spreading. There is still  hope that Clear Lake may be graced with one of the retired shuttles next year.

  A new petition is on the Web with a letter addressed to the president that has already collected 11,214 letters and e-mails.

One thing to be inspired by is the fact that a number of people who have signed the petition are not from Clear Lake or even Texas. Theses out-of-area individuals have commented that they  believe  Houston is one of the space capitals of the United States and so a shuttle should be on display here.

For example,  Kerri B. from Loveland, Connecticut said “Being that Houston, TX is NASA’s Mission Control, the shuttles or at least one of them should be retired here. Thank you!”

It is true that Texas has kept a leadership role in  America’s space program since the creation of NASA about 50 years ago.  It is also predicted that the shuttle attraction at Space Center Houston has the potential to annually increase the regional economy by $45 million, plus generate another $29 million in business value and create more than 750 jobs in the area.

Texans are not the only ones who realize the value of bringing a shuttle back to the Clear Lake area. Do your part and help us bring a shuttle home to Space Center Houston.

Tell your family, friends and everyone else. Sign the petition and check out


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