Chamber 2012

July 29, 2010

No, Chamber 2012 is not preparing for the Mayan predicted “end of the world”. 

Chamber 2012 is preparing for the future (and the  landmark 50th anniversary of the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.)

In 2008, a committee was formed to undertake a five-year strategic planning initiative called Chamber 2012. The primary goal of 2012 is to provide the greatest value for Chamber memberships and most effectively serve the community.

The Chamber 2012 plan is maps out a plan to make Clear Lake one of the best of places to live, work and enjoy  life in spite of any economic, national, or environmental challenges that may present themselves.  This plan focuses on moving  Clear Lake forward and increasing  prosperity.

Chamber 2012 contains five  core strategies in sync with the vision and mission, which guide the program of work and long-term goals. These core five are:

  1. Leadership & ServiceThe Chamber will provide leadership development training and opportunities for its staff and members while utilizing those skills and qualities on behalf of the community we serve.
  2. Business GrowthThe Chamber will assist the business community in its full recovery efforts from Hurricane Ike and deal effectively with the economic challenges facing the nation and the Clear Lake area.
  3. Educational ExcellenceThe Chamber will support the efforts of the Clear Creek Independent School District, the University of Houston – Clear Lake, and our other higher education and professional-vocational training institutions to grow educational and workforce development opportunities and enhance standards of performance for teachers and students.
  4. Community ConnectionsThe Chamber will work more collaboratively with other community organizations, municipal governments and our members to achieve our Vision and Mission.
  5. Quality of LifeThe Chamber will promote economic prosperity consistent with fostering a quality of life making this area a prize location to work, live and enjoy the amenities of an abundant life.

The Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and its members are energized and engaged and  the future of  the community is bright.  Bold, innovative solutions  are being sought to meet any challenges and increase opportunities. 

 Chamber 2012 is both a roadmap to the future and a journey of discovery that will evolve over time.